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Food Photography

Are you a chef or restaurant owner? Do you manufacturer a food product? Do you value high quality imagery to help showcase your work and entice your customer to want to find out more or simply eat your food? If so, you are in the right place...

Food Photography...

...is a big part of my business and I love it…. the colours and textures excite me. I love to capture the beauty of the dish or product and create images that will entice people to want to try them. To show how much love and effort you have put it to create it in the first place. To capture it's very soul.

I have worked for high profile brand names via their PR companies as well as worked for small independent restaurants and food suppliers. My work has been used for marketing, press releases and websites.

I am comfortable following a brief or working with you get the images you need. I have portable lighting equipment so can easily shoot on location. Many of my clients are based in Berkshire/South Oxfordshire but I do also travel further afield when required. I have a range of lenses suitable for the genre of food photography.

Should you use a food stylist?

I always recommend my clients work with a food stylist when budget allows but I am happy working without and have learnt tips and tricks along the way.